Discover Some Secrets of Mobile Video and Photography

Since the advent of smartphones with more or less appropriate cameras, from the moment we have opened the delights of Instagram and Facebook, millions of people suddenly became “cameramen” and “photographers”. The world has been really engaged in photographing and filming, producing hundreds of thousands of terabytes of digital trash every day. 

But there are professional secrets and they will definitely help you. Maybe you will not become cool paparazzi after reading this article, but learn a couple of tricks and your digital outcomes will be better. Some rules of mobile video and photography which will help you in everyday life: 

  • Relax and have fun

Relax and stop putting out your device every two minutes. Wherever you are, at a wedding, traveling or high in the mountains, it’s better to have 5-6 cool videos & pictures than 200 files that you never use. Imagine that you are an invited photographer, and approach to each scene or video thoughtfully.

  • Work your head

Think of what we are shooting. Focus on an idea. When you know exactly what you are shooting, it becomes much easier. For example, you have come to a new city and want to memorize its mood, architecture, people and some beautiful and special places. You can make a small 5-minute slot with beautiful music in the background. Your task is to become not only an operator but also a director and screenwriter. Come up with a basic idea, style of presentation and some chips. Understand exactly what you want to shoot, it’s important.

  • Main rule

There is one main rule in photography, which must be observed. No need to walk around the object being photographed for hours to catch the light, to find a perspective or to see the geometry. Just do not forget to look at the display and before you press the “shutter button”. Try to change the angle, move closer or stand in another place. It takes about fifteen seconds, but during this time you will have time to see your frame from different angles and choose the best one. Do not hurry. Seeing what you are filming is very useful.

  • Wipe the lens

It seems that the advice is stupid and ridiculous, but often doing everything in front of the sun or shooting bright objects in the evening we get light streaks throughout the frame. For example, when memorizing an evening city with lanterns or shop windows, we notice that bright rays diverge from all sources of light. Such artifacts are often blamed on the camera itself.

Let’s imagine that we are going on vacation to some beautiful city. We want to make a bunch of cool photos and videos. Be sure to read this article once again, if your objective is a cool digital content. Not just a bunch of useless fragments of food, water, views, and architecture, but a solid and thoughtful passage of your life. Be creative, wise and patient. Benefit from your gadget features and produce really useful content.

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