What Is the Best Smartphone – Tips and Lifehacks

What do you expect from the superb gadget? Before buying a new “toy”, you should decide what set of features are crucial for you:

  • Do you need many functions and apps or just “dialer”? 
  • Want high-quality pictures? 
  • Expect that the device will work for several days without recharging?
  •  Do you need a metal case and tips, such as a fingerprint scanner, water resistance or frameless?

Let’s decide together: what is the best smartphone? Today, you can find a smartphone for every taste, but it is better to avoid some misconceptions. For example, if the phone has a very powerful processor and RAM, the screen resolution and the impressive camera megapixels, then it will definitely be better. But this is not entirely true. The test results, obtained by world experts after checking the devices in the laboratory and with daily use, clearly showed that many parameters and characteristics do not affect the quality of the phone directly. Therefore, if you have a smartphone of the past or the year before last, then it is not necessary to change it because of the “outdated” features.

If you still decided to change the phone, pay attention to the constantly updated Rating of smartphones on different professional websites. With it, you can compare models by various parameters or simply find out which one is the best or the most fashionable today. This is possible due to the fact that nowadays all the phones were tested using the same methodology. Marketing companies annually sum up the results by making the selection of the best low-cost phones or choosing the best model of the year. And finally, support lines and online consultants from sites and virtual shops will give advice and help you find the phone.

Which Operating System to Choose?

There are three options:

  • iOS; 
  • Android; 
  • or Windows.

The main advantages of each system are a level of optimization, and at the same time stability, high speed and excellent compatibility with applications. Another important option is the constant system updates for most devices of the company, but note that the old gadgets after the upgrade can be slow. 

  • Android envisages standard browser and utilities: most of these programs can be removed and installed. You can even change the appearance of the interface and other settings and parameters. 
  • iOS is famous for a high degree of protection against malware, and the simultaneous coexistence of a huge number of models on different versions of the system. This can lead to difficulties to launch various programs and utilities. Another disadvantage is the limited time support for the gadget. So, most devices receive system updates from a force of a year or two, no more. Then you have to either buy a new device or stay on the old OS.
  • Windows Phone is living its last days. In stores, you can hardly find a sample, except the budget Microsoft Lumia 550.

What Is the Diagonal of the Display for You?

Several main parameters of the superb mobile device are the diagonal and screen resolution. Dimensions and such an important point as the convenience of using directly depend on them.

So study our brief review and decide by yourself what is better for you.

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