How to Put a Video on iPhone – Some Tips

Discover simple ways to download movies to your favorite gadget. Each of us is looking for something to do on the long road or on the way home from work. You can read a book or news, listen to music or play games. But what if you find all this boring? And if there is no Internet, then most of the activities become inaccessible: watching videos, messaging and online games.

To save yourself from boredom, you can watch interesting movie or commercial. How to put a video on iPhone? In this article, we will examine all the ways how you can download any video file to an Apple device.

Let’s start with the fact that there are only a few ways to write a movie into the memory of the gadget. All of them are similar, but there are only minor differences in this process.

  • The first way 

Use the standard video application. Thanks to this program, you can watch video content on your Apple device without difficulty: it contains a minimum of settings and therefore does not “load” the user. But in order to start watching a movie through this application, you must first download it. This can be done in two ways.

The first way is to go to the iTunes Store, which will require you to invest. Since you need to first buy a motion picture, after which, it can be downloaded into the device’s memory. If there is enough memory in the device, then start to take off the video. After the download is complete, you can immediately start viewing.

  • The second way

To use your computer as a mediator. Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes. Before you can add a video to an iPhone, you need to add it to your computer. You can go to any torrent and find there a special tab in the Search section a respective category: all that remains is to get the video.

If the downloaded movie is not in the MPEG-4 / H.264 format, then you will need to use a converter. Fortunately, there are many of them, and they are also free. When everything is ready, proceed to download the file to your smartphone. In order to launch the film, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Click in iTunes on the “File” in the upper left corner;
  • Select the item “Add file to the library”;
  • In the window, specify the path to the downloaded movie (the file appears in the iTunes library).

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