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Superfeedr Blog : Real-time cloudy thoughts from a super-hero

TUAW | feedly

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RSS Bandit

Yahoo! Pipes Blog

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Feed Notifier by Michael Fogleman

Easy RSS Mashups

The NewsBlur Blog

News Anchor for Mac OS X


Quora | Feedly

Building Feedly | Re-imagine how people keep in touch with their favorite sites.

Feedbin Blog

FeedWelder Blog

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Genieo - A newspaper styled homepage

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InoReader - The Blog


gNewsReader (@YogeshwarP's blog) - Nokia @feedly

ReadKit (Webin Blog)

Sunstroke (FeedAFever client for iOS) by Anthony Drendel @atdrendel

The Old Reader: behind the scenes

Next Matters (NextGen Reader) » Blog

AOL Reader Blog

Diigo bookmarks | RSS by CleverClogs

Feeddler (Defying Gravity) by Chen Bin LIU

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TechCrunch | digg reader

Feed Informer: Blog (formerly Feed Digest, FeedDigest)

Protopage News Blog

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Words by NewNet-Soft (RSS reader for OS/X)


MacLife | RSS

TrendSpottr Blog

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HootSuite | RSS

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Fez Reader by @Zhephree (browser extension feed reader Stockholm)


ReadWrite | Google Reader -

Finding Legal Information » RSS

FeedHQ Blog by @Brutasse

MailChimp | RSS-to-Email

VentureBeat » Google Reader

Gizmodo | RSS Readers


Mr. Reader Blog

Belgian Cowboys | RSS

Gizmodo | Digg | RSS

Business Insider: Feedly

Google Operating System by Alex Chitu Reader - News

Boing Boing » digg Google Reader / RSS Reader Alter...

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Digital Reader » News Reader, by Nate Hoffelder

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Next Matters (NextGen Reader)

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Press App for Android (TwentyFive Squares Blog)


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Femtoo Blog (page tracking)

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Zozi Apps

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Yoleo Reader

Curata Reader Blog

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